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My Limit does the math and informs you if you are able to drive

My Limit works according to the data that the user specifies at the beginning, when installing the app, namely sex and weight. From there, you must indicate in the app whenever you consume an alcoholic drink and point out your gender, quantity and the time that has elapsed in the meantime.

A progressive graph that goes from green to red, passing through yellow and orange, will show the state it is in, but not before issuing warnings for each piece of added alcohol, with regard to coordination or reaction time.

The purpose of this application will alert you to the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages for driving, making users aware of the effects of alcohol on your body and discouraging them from driving when they drink.

With the motto "never drink and drive" – ??something like "if you don't drink", in Portuguese – My Limit is free and available for both Android and iOS.

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