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Mozilla announces mobile operating system to compete with Android and iOS

In the last month of June, we highlighted here at Google Discovery that Fundao Mozilla would be studying projects for the construction of its own operating system, something that could come to compete with the mobile platforms of Android and iOS, or something more complex, like Chrome Google?s OS.

Today, to our surprise, Mozilla confirmed that starting the development of a mobile operating system aimed exclusively at the web, that is, running applications that will be essentially online, within the browser.

The idea of ??the creator of Firefox is to value future applications in HTML5 and avoid that developers have to rewrite their codes with each new release of a different platform, which usually happens today with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The technology, for compatibility reasons, depends on drivers and the Android open-code boot kernel. ?We intend to use the minimum number of Android codes,? said Mike Shaver, one of the developers.

According to Mozilla, the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project will have the mission of breaking down and shutting down proprietary technologies on mobile devices. "This project is in its infancy, some parts are still in our heads, others are fully unexplored," they wrote.