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Meet 10 games for you to download for free on Steam

Among RPGs, puzzles, visual novels and classic shooters, we recommend 10 games on Steam for you to kill time without having to put your hand in your wallet.

In an era dominated by Battle RoyalesIt is always good to know other genres of free games for you to kill time. What few people know that the vast list of free-to-play games available on the Steam, online PC game store, which goes beyond simple indie titles from small stadiums.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to know the perfect game type in the middle of the main page, whose library exceeds 1,400 items. Therefore, we help by indicating 10 free games for different profiles and tastes.

Srie Half Life

The first indication on our list for your surprise is not just a game, but a completely free series. Until April 1st (we swear it's not a lie) you can go Steam and download the Half Life franchise, which mixes FPS and survival in a distinctive land.

For those who do not know the classic game, a summary is worth: you control the scientist Gordon Freeman just before a catastrophe takes over the Black Mesa research center. Co-workers are devoured by monsters and their mission is to escape from there and find out what happened. In the franchise special there are other titles and packages (not free) to purchase. See the complete list below, with the respective links:

Neon Boost

Neon Boost

Neon Boost is a first-person platform game with 36 levels (in addition to all having a ?dark? variable) divided into three worlds. The gameplay and atmosphere are a mix of Quake, Mirror?s Edge and Tron as you can see from the image above and the title, neon is the highlight.

You run through the scenarios, aided by rocket-powered jumps and wall ride (running through the walls, present in hundreds of similar games). With a soundtrack full of synthesizers, since it could not be different, the speed takes over this game that can be played again in search of a better race against time.



There is no denying that this shooter is a direct competitor of success Overwatch. Visuals and gameplay are quite similar, however, while the Blizzard game costs at least R $ 69.90 (even today, about four years after its release), free Paladins. Another differential is a deck modifier that can be added to the beginning of each match and a battle pass for you to feel bad about not paying anything.

In Paladins there is no what gamers call pay to win, or ?pay to win?, but there are still microtransactions and you will have no advantage if you choose to pay. Fortunately, the popular mode Siege can be used in full at no cost. Cosmetics are the focus of the battle pass, so unless you care about your appearance, everything is under control.

Heroes and Generals

Heroes & Generals

Heroes and Generals has survived thanks to updates in recent years, making it a better game than the time of its release. Today, Battlefield fans who do not want to put their hand in the wallet will feel satisfied enough with this free title. The strategy takes over, since you will probably find out over time that attacking right away is your best option.

Like other successful free titles, HaG is not easy right away: the learning curve for newcomers will make you spend a lot of time and patience. The best items (including the "VIP pass") can be purchased just by playing, so your commitment will always be aimed at, if you really choose not to give money to the online store.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile steam

This is an RPG game with dozens of missions (main and secondary), divided into acts that will take up a lot of your time especially when you learn to handle items. The enemies and the playable areas are separated in varying levels, which forces you to do basically all missions to be able to face them and finish the game.

Path of Exile also has the largest skill tree of any RPG you?ve ever seen on Steam, as only more than 1300 skills to evolve. Even in one of the last scenarios / locations in the main story, it is necessary to rethink armor and use different modifiers to fight the bosses, which will make each battle a unique experience. The personalization of the look also a cosmetic differential can be purchased or unlocked for free via Twitch Prime.



It's easy to see how the game resembles quite another Steam classic: the series Portal. Gender and settings denounce this indie that can be played multiple times. Right at the beginning of the story, an artificial intelligence follows you (mostly making jokes), as Wheatley and its challenge chambers (mostly filled with white walls) are proof of the copy that looks more like a spiritual successor. . The best thing is that, from time to time, the game is aware of its own references, which makes the gameplay even more stimulating.

In terms of gameplay itself, quite simple. You have only ONE ability, which is to create gravitational portals (look, reference to the title of the game?) On specific surfaces. From there, you are thrown into challenging rooms and need to figure out how to escape. Just like the game of your inspiration, Gravitas was made to be finished in one stroke. At most, you will take two hours to complete it, however much you are stuck in a room and take time to find the solution.

Under What?

Under What?

That one visual novel (?Visual novel?, in free translation) that tells the death of a fisherman in a good-humored way, with powerful themes and visuals. The positive reception of the game on Steam only reinforces the good quality of the product: it won you over for its art and its very philosophical dialogues.

This is another very short game, taking up to a few minutes to complete, so it's a good choice if you like the genre or just want an experience gamer quite fast it is still ideal for casual players. Even though it is brief, it will impact your perception of death in a way that, particularly, I only saw it transmitted with such efficiency and weight in comic books.



If you are from Super Smash Bros., you will feel nostalgic with this game: in 1 × 3 or 2 × 2 modes, Brawlhalla mixes simple controls with one 2D animation addictive. In short, there are two attack buttons (strong and weak), one for dodging and one for throwing. Based on combos and a lot of agility of the player, his experience can be elevated to ranked matches that are sure to get nights out of his sleep.

Just like in popular games where different characters are unlocked per season (League of Legends is an example of this), here you can buy heroes or wait for a free seasonal update and unlock new heroes with new weapons. The variety of statuses of each, such as speed and out in each type of combo / attack, enough to get you out of your comfort zone and give a chance to hero rotation.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The famous Bungie title has a free mode with three campaigns (which can be completed in the order you prefer). In a specific way you can also face, along with 5 other players, dungeons with chefs and explore breathtaking regions. With experience gained within the missions themselves, new levels of season pass are activated, even if you only have access to tiers free of charge unless you choose to purchase the full pass.

Another method places two teams of four players facing waves of enemies, where there is an extra element: you can interfere in the opponent's field and prevent him from being able to increase the score. The only exception within the game itself that is different from the full game is loot acquired when completing missions. For those who enjoy games like this, this is a full plate.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Another FPS to the list, CS: GO is one of the most popular and profitable e-sports games of all time. In 2018, a version of the game became free in an update of Steam itself. At the time, it was only possible to organize offline matches (local) and watch the championships with greater ease. Now, years later, it's completely free.

Not by chance, it is often at the top of the list of games with the most Steam players, and is usually above half a million simultaneous players. The paid subscription does not give so many benefits that make a difference to the gameplay, so the balance is quite fair. Classic player vs. player modes are fully unlocked and can be used to the fullest.

It is worth remembering that, via Steam Link, you can even play these games on your phone. Which of these will be the first on your download list? Tell us in the comments.