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Manufacturer manages to circumvent software authentication of the Lightning connector present on iOS 7

There's no way: a game of cat and mouse. Last year, Apple launched its new Lightning connector. The cables carry an authentication chip, but an inspection by Chipworks showed that their level of security was not so high. Result: cables and docks have been cloned.

With iOS 7, we saw that Apple informs when some accessory-clone is used, showing the user that the company is not responsible for their proper functioning. But the iPhone5mod folks say this is no longer a problem, as they have managed to make iOS no longer recognize unofficial accessories.

The truth is that Apple does not prevent these generic cables from working, but if you want, you can. In theory, any manufacturer of accessories for iPhones should participate in the ?Made for iPod / iPad / iPhone? (MFi) program, that is, comply with Ma's rules and pay due royalties. However, in practice this is not what happens.

The problem that the iPhone5mod folks may have been a little precipitate, since iOS 7 is still in beta and Apple may well, in the final version or even in beta 3, will know, close this gap used by them.

(via 9to5Mac)