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Jony Ive talks about iPad Pro and the problems fixed in the new model

With the new iPad Pro properly launched, it's time to Jony Ive give your famous interviews about how everything was developed this time, for the newspaper The Independent.

The challenges

Asked how he feels (if it involves any special responsibility) when a much loved and commercially successful product changes dramatically (as now, with iPads losing their home button), Ive replied that he thinks his responsibility goes further than than that. ?It starts with a determination not to fall into the trap of just doing different things. Because when a product is highly regarded, there is often a desire by people to see it redesigned. I think it's one of the most important things that you change something not to make it different, but to make it better. ?

New iPad Pro side by side

For Ive, when such a big change makes the new product something better, you don't need to convince people to fall in love with it again: ?() There is always that initial reaction that more of a comment about something being different, instead of necessarily better or worst. In my experience, if we work hard to make material improvements, people quickly recognize them and make the kind of connection they had before with the product. ?

About creating elements of a product that is considered magical by many (if it is meticulous work or if everything is the result of ?Eureka? moments), Ive said that it is a combination. ?Some of these capabilities and resources are enabled by extraordinary technology that takes many years to develop. So these are the decisions we made many years ago. Face ID, for example, is a set of technologies so extraordinarily complex and sophisticated that not just something was developed for a singular purpose.

The design

In the first iPad, Ive said that everything was designed to be used in vertical orientation (standing); now, however, the ?brand? of the new iPad Pro is that it has no orientation. With speakers on all sides and no Start button, the tablet can be used in any way.

iPad Pro with another unit on the back side

One of the other changes to the recently announced iPad Pro comes in detail in the corners of the screen. The kind of change that you may not notice – but that can fundamentally change your experience with the product.

Speaking about the display, Ive said that the traditional ones are absolutely straight: ?So when you get to the corners they are essentially square. Now, what I have always found disappointing is the way the screen is a distinct component with square corners, assembled in a design that rarely has a square corner. If you look at the iPad Pro, you can see how the radius, the curve in the corner of the screen, is concentric and sympathetic to the real structure. You feel it is authentic and you have the feeling that it is not an assembly of several different components: a unique and clear product. ?

Many of us will not consciously say "that is why I like it", but I think that as a species, we are able to feel much more than we are able to articulate. I think the new iPad Pro is something so unique and integrated that it looks different from 99% of other complex technology products.

Apple Pencil

The new accessory, as we have seen, is fully integrated with the iPad Pro since you carry and transport it by simply placing the pencil close to the tablet's frame (all attached by hands). This is only possible because of the new square edges of the iPad, and Ive talked a little about this element.

Hand holding the new iPad Pro

For him, this was only possible because of the minimum thickness that the engineering team was able to achieve in the iPad Pro. ?We could not have done this before, when the products were not so thin.?

The pencil works in several ways. Writing and drawing are extraordinary, but the way it is transported with the product and the way it recharges are also important.

Perhaps even explaining the way the old Apple Pencil was recharged on the iPad Pro (via the Lightning port) and the fact that you have no way to transport the accessory next to the tablet, Ive gave the following statement:

iPad Pro lying with Apple Pencil magnetically attached to it

When you are talking about the future and as a designer where is my head. extremely rare that i feel like i am working in response to a problem. I could count the occasions that I have done this in the past 25 years on the fingers of one hand. extremely rare that what we do is an answer to someone articulating a problem. By definition, you didn't know it was a problem until you were aware of a better way to do it. The biggest challenge here is that when you are solving problems in a certain way for a long time, many things convince you that, of course, this is the best way to do this ().

Sometimes, most of the time, we are able to find a better way to solve a problem.

Recycled aluminum from MacBooks Air and Macs mini

Just speak in aluminum and Ive got excited. Asked about what was one of the highlights of the keynote (the audience vibrated a lot when the information appeared that the MacBook Air was made of 100% recycled aluminum), the Apple design boss said that, as the material is very important for Apple as As a whole, the company has a team of material scientists who constantly seek to find the best alloys and types of materials to design.

New MacBook Air family with all three colors

() We refine the specific alloy we use and change the ways we process the material. This was a wonderful example of how we can solve problems, not be different in an artificial way, but be genuinely better.

We kept the focus on aluminum because it is an incredible material, and an effort by the entire team has found a way to develop a material so that we can use 100% recycled aluminum. We all think this is as big as the reaction. At the keynote, I was surprised by the reaction, but very happy about it.

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The full interview can be read at The Independent.

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