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IPhone XR benchmarks prove it: it's as fast as the XS

As we know, the iPhone XR has some configurations practically identical to those of iPhone XS and XS Max, such as the A12 Bionic processor and the TrueDepth camera system. Some, however, might think that, even with the same processor, the ?most affordable? model would be limited in some way by Apple so as not to match its more fortunate brothers. Well, the benchmarks the iPhones XS and XS Max are for us to compare with the numbers of the iPhone XR and end this debt once and for all.

To measure the performance of the iPhone XR, Macworld performed the tests of the Geekbench 4. The results, as you can see below, show the iPhone XR aligned to the XS and XS Max within the margin of error of the application itself. Regarding the iPhone X, the XR 13% faster On test single-core, about 10% faster On test multi-core and 40% higher if we analyze the Metal interface.

IPhone XR / XS / XS Max benchmarks

The iPhone XR scores better on the GPU test than the XS or XS Max (which helps to increase the overall score). This is probably due to the lower screen resolution of the iPhone XR. The graphical tests are rendered on the screen and not at a fixed resolution or off the screen. The A12 Bionic's GPU offers faster frame rates on the XR, as it needs to render 85% more pixels on the XS and 125% more on the XS Max.

If you are a fan of iOS games and are considering upgrading from iPhone 7 or earlier to XR, then it is likely that the increased performance of the new device will appeal to you even more, since frame rates are 50% higher and at 2x faster, depending on the game.

Last but not least: the battery. As we have already mentioned, the iPhone XS Max may even have a larger battery, but it also has a larger display and a higher resolution; in practice, according to the tests of Macworld, the 6.5 ? device lasted about 1 hour longer than the XS. Regarding the iPhone XR, the result is different and may disappoint (or not) some people.

IPhone XR battery test

In this comparison, the iPhone XR lasted 19 minutes longer than the XS Max and more than 1 hour longer than XS. It is worth noting, however, that the tests demanded the maximum performance of the devices and that the screens were configured with the maximum brightness.

Therefore, in an actual usage scenario, the iPhone XR battery can last about 30 minutes longer than the iPhone XS Max and more than 1 hour compared to the XS depending on usage. THE Macworld He also pointed out that the XR has a better battery performance rate than any other iPhone.

Who was in doubt about buying or the iPhone XR, tell us: did the results help? ?

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