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Huawei Portugal: “Using Android and the Google ecosystem is still our first option”

Our goal will be number 1 in this category, globally and in Portugal, explains Shen Yun. The market analyzes carried out in several countries have already proved that this category is growing and that Huawei's investment is having a good result, growing the market and even benefiting other brands.

The idea that in the near future each user will have 6 devices, and that they can communicate with each other more easily through Huawei Share, keeping the smartphone at the center of the connectivity ecosystem, was defended by Shen Yun, who underlines that Huawei is well positioned to exploit this opportunity.

A test called Mate 30 Pro

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is a test in the market because it is the first smartphone of the brand without Google Mobile Services, and for this reason the company opted for a limited number of devices, with a specific group of users. It's the result? I think it's good. More than 5% of the consumers to whom we communicated this information showed interest, he revealed, aligning the special care that the company has maintained to provide all clarifications and pre and post sales support.

The good news that no one returned the Mate 30 Pro, he stresses, even without revealing sales figures.

The person responsible for the consumer market in Portugal has also been using Mate 30 Pro for more than a month, even before the phone arrives in Portugal, and guarantees that the experience is positive, despite confessing that he uses more Chinese applications and that he is still try to understand the local applications.

And don't you miss any apps in your daily life? With the options to fetch apps [on the Phone Clone and on the websites and service APKs] 99% of the cases have a solution, and if we don't find the app we want there are alternatives, he defends.

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