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Google Photos failed to send images to 250,000 random people

Source: businessinsiderSource: businessinsider

Recently, Google simply sent an email to certain users saying that their app, Google Photos, may have shared their photos with random customers of the video and image storage service. According to the message, the bug affected people who downloaded a file in the app between November 21 and 25, 2019.

Google recommends that all files downloaded in the mentioned period be deleted

According to the developer of the Android operating system, the problem has already been fixed. The company says that all likely affected users must have already received the warning e-mail about the incident. The company recommends that all files that were downloaded on the mentioned days be deleted and a new upload be done.

According to Google, in the days when the problem occurred, about 0.01% of users of Google Photos were affected, that is, approximately 250 thousand people may have had their privacy invaded. Due to the failure, the company may be fined 4% of its annual revenue, should the European Union deem the company to have violated the General Data and Protection Act.

The event is serious and there is the possibility of misuse of the images leaked by people with malicious intent

This was a serious occurrence, as not a few people may have lost their privacy. In addition, there is the possibility of misuse of the image of the affected users depending on who has access to the images. After all, nowadays, people don't even respect serious cases and keep creating "memes" of everything.

The creation of "memes" is a serious case that gets in the way of the basic actions of health and the police

The creation of "memes" is such a serious case that it sometimes gets in the way of actions by the health system or the country's police. As a result, many citizens who have nothing to do with the story are hampered by the misinformation caused by images that add nothing to their lives.

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