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Google fixes vulnerability in Android in less than 24 hours

In the past few days, news involving the Android platform has frightened users by revealing that personal data is being unduly exposed when accessing services such as Google Calendar and Google Contacts.

In less than 24 hours after the disclosure of the vulnerability, Google responded with a ?server side? adjustment – without any need for users to update their cell phone software. In other words, Google now enforces a https protected connection in resolving access credentials.

"We are launching a fix that corrects a potential security hole that could, under certain circumstances, allow third parties to access data available in Calendar and Contacts," Google said in a statement. "This correction does not require any action from users and will be available worldwide in the coming days."

In the case of Tablets with Android Honeycomb, such as Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the update will also be done by software. For now, the problem still persists in Picasa but the company is already working on the correction.