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Free application Kangaroo Pregnancy empowers pregnant women with support platform and artificial intelligence

THE management one of the most complicated periods in the life of a woman who has children. Especially (but not only) in the less favored layers of society, where access to qualified professionals is basically an illusion, misinformation is the technique of monitoring the future mother and her baby which, in many cases, leads to situations calamitous obstetric violence before, during and after childbirth.

Obviously, a simple application will not magically solve all the problems faced by women during pregnancy, but it can at least help pregnant women to empower themselves with an easy way to clear doubts or obtain support from professionals in the area and / or other women passing by. for similar experiences. precisely for that that there is the Kangaroo Pregnancy.

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Idealized by the doctor Gustavo Landsberg with the support of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, the free app for iOS and Android is part of a larger support platform for pregnant women that seeks to bring a little more information about the pregnancy experience and reduce cases of neglect or obstetric violence; encouraging, for example, normal childbirth in cases where cesarean delivery is not necessary in Brazil, 55% of deliveries are of the second type, many of them without any need, simply because of the benefits for the medical industry.

The app follows international medical protocols and has its content updated by professionals in the areas of Obstetrics, Nursing and Psychology. By using the resources of IBM's Watson artificial intelligence platform, he can answer basic questions to pregnant women, such as time of pregnancy, exams and recommended vaccinations each week of pregnancy, possible risks based on basic information from the mother and much more. It is also possible to set up a birth plan with the help of machine learning.

For times when the robot is not enough, the Kangaroo Pregnancy also brings a community of professionals, mothers and pregnant women who can ask more specific questions, share information or simply provide mutual support at a difficult time. There are already more than 300,000 users registered on the platform, which is entirely Brazilian and, among the users of the app, the rate of normal births has already risen to over 60%, which represents that at least one positive effect is emerging from your use.

The Kangaroo Pregnancy can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and, as mentioned above, completely free, just create an account or log in with your Facebook profile to take advantage of all the platform's features.

Nothing better than the arrival of Mother's Day to meet you or share this noble initiative, right?