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Famous repair company teaches you how to change the screen, the Home button and the battery of iPhones 5

You don't have to be a genius or do resistance tests to find that iPhones break, regardless of the reason (by falling, pressing the button Home 798,567,324 times, time of use, etc.). While the device is under warranty, I do not recommend changing parts on your own since, once you open the device, goodbye to official Apple coverage! But if you have an iPhone that is out of warranty, brave enough, or just don't care about it, you can repair it yourself.

It shouldn't be easy to take chances in this world, but for those already in it, the iFixit prepared some tutorial videos teaching how to change the screen, the button Home and the battery of the iPhone 5, Ma's most current smartphone model.

Changing the screen

Changing the button Home

Changing the battery

Of course, you won?t do it all like MacGyver and use gum to open the display, for example. To do this, you need special tools (sold by iFixit itself) and the part to be exchanged. Putting it all together, it is likely that the price will still pay off, but even so, I prefer to hand over my phone to anyone who understands the subject, that is, an Apple Authorized Service Center.

For the brave, however, #FikDik.

(via 9to5Mac)

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