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DuZeru distribution arrives in version 4

Brazilian Linux distro focused on more modest computers, comes in version 4 with some improvements in the system.

One of the most traditional distro Linux Brazilian version, comes in version 4 and comes with several improvements to the engine of the distro.

  DuZeru distribution arrives in version 4

In 2018, we made a very cool video showing version 3 of the system and showing how this BR distro would fare.

DuZeru version 4 is based on Debian 10, more precisely 10.2.0 and codenamed Gato Maracaj. The distro nomenclatures are based on animals in extinction. Other news in this version are:

DuZeru Game Center;


Login screen with Game Tetris;

Own icon pack.

Version 4 mascot

If you want to see the presentation of the new version, the DuZeru people made a really cool video, which you can check out below.

To install and run the system, you need relatively simple hardware, which you can see below:

If you want to download DuZeru, just access it here.

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