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Designer uses iMac G3 design to create adorable toy robots

O iMac G3 has one of the most iconic designs in the history of consumer technology and has influenced a whole generation of computers and electronic equipment there, no doubt. No one knew, however, that his project would also yield a lovely toy robot until now.

iBot G3, toy back of iMac G3

The Hong Kong-based designer Philip Lee already has a history transforming Macs into humanized (pseudo-) stickers, but its new project, the iBot G3, the coolest so far. Simply by adding a pair of legs and arms and small eyes, a very nice 8cm tall robot is created, available in both color Bondi Blue how much in Tangerine.

The level of detail of the toys is impressive: they have the same internal structure as the real G3 iMacs, and all the doors, ventilation openings and wings of the original model. Everything created with injected plastic; the arms and legs are connected to the body magnetically (you can remove them for an air closer to the real, if you wish). Oh, and the package also comes with a faithful recreation of the iMac G3 keyboard and the infamous "Puck Mouse".

iBot G3, toy back of iMac G3

The iBot G3 is still in the final stages of design and is already on pre-order by $ 40 on the designer's website, with deliveries scheduled for December. Although he does not bring any Apple logos or references, it is good not to take too long to guarantee yours, if you want after all, the chance that Ma will enter with a famous little process soon is quite considerable.

via Cult of Mac

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