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British appliance maker Dyson creates air purifying headphones

Source: Dyson ltdSource: Dyson ltd

British home appliance developer Dyson, according to Bloomberg, had plans to create a "wearable air purifier". But how to do that? Well, the company's solution was to create a headphone type headset with attached purifiers. The company recently registered patents for the product in the UK at a time when protective masks became indispensable accessories to control the spread of coronavirus.

2.4L / s of clean air is expelled towards the user's mouth

The headphones have a motor connected to a 35-40mm propeller and their rotation of 12 thousand revolutions per minute. The high frequency of rotation so that 1.4L of air per second is attracted to a particulate filter, which normally retains dust and bacteria, although it is not specified in the patent. The air flow on each side goes to the center of the cup, where there is a perforated vent where approximately 2.4L per second of clean air is expelled towards the user's mouth.

Headphone patent with coupled air purifiers from Dyson. Source: Dyson ltdHeadphone patent with coupled air purifiers from Dyson. Source: Dyson ltd

Dyson is a company known for its vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, but the company has been expanding its line of floor cleaners. With the purifier in the form of a wearable device, there is great potential for sale, at least to places where there is great air pollution or an epidemiological outbreak such as that of the coronavirus. In China, the country's president, Xi Jinping, has declared that pollution is one of the three biggest problems that cannot delay the government any longer.

In Asia, air purifiers are big business

In the Asian continent, air purifiers are a big business, and there are versions that can be used around the neck, for example.

There is no prediction and if headphones with built-in purifiers will actually hit the market. Dyson has a history of registering a large number of products that do not even go into production. An example of this was in 2009, when the patent for a hydraulic juicer was carried out, which until today has not been launched.

One of the main responsible for the growth of the company in recent years was Asia, which made the company's revenue increase 28% in 2018. Shanghai was the city that had the most commercialization of its purifiers in 2017.

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Source: androidcentral, bloomberg

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