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Bots "complicate" the launch of new sneakers from Nike and Strangelove

Most bots require a monthly payment and many of them are used to boost the resale business by people who take advantage of the exclusivity factor to profit from it. In these online launches, where models tend to sell out in a matter of seconds, interested parties who do not use bots are generally left with two options: either they lose the opportunity to buy a pair, or they have to shell out more money for units that arrive on time. reseller platforms, such as eBay or GOAT.

Nike created a specific app for the digital launch of new models, called SNKRS, but since not all brands can afford to maintain an application of this nature, the risk of losing all stock to a set of bots continues to exist. Strangelove is one of those brands. The company reported that the situation "got out of control" just minutes after announcing the launch, so the sale would be made exclusively through physical stores.

It is important to underline that there is still no law regulating the use of bots on commercial platforms. The problem also affects cultural spectacles in the same way, so it is imperative to legislate the phenomenon so that those involved are held legally responsible.