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Bluetooth certificate indicates imminent launch of new AirPods

There has long been talk of a second generation of AirPods, which would come with a case compatible with wireless charging and according to rumors with noise cancellation, support for the ?E a, Siri? feature and water resistance. So far, however, nothing. But now there are some clues that the second generation of Apple's wireless headphones may arrive soon.

New AirPods models approved by Bluetooth SIG

O MySmartPrice noted that new models of AirPods have received mandatory certification from the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of technologies and brands to manufacturers) the group of which Apple is a part. With this, at least from a technical point of view, Ma is already endorsed to commercialize such products.

New AirPods models approved by Bluetooth SIG

The models in question are the A2031 and the A2032 which, apparently, are the headphones on the left and right. The hardware version number is listed as REV1.1, while those currently sold by Apple are REV1.0. In addition, this new model connects to iPhones, iPads, iPods touch and Macs using Bluetooth 5.0 (which should not bring any improvement in the quality of the audio itself, but increases the range and has everything to improve battery consumption).

New AirPods models approved by Bluetooth SIG

When exactly these AirPods will be released, no one knows yet. The detail that, due to the new case with wireless recharge support, it makes a lot of sense that such an accessory would be launched with the AirPower that would have an uncertain future due to the supposed complexity of the project; but still, quoted in the new iPhones manuals.

Particularly, I believe that Apple has already launched everything it had to launch in 2018 it would be a surprise to see news of this carat coming this year, but who knows

via MacRumors

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