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Apps that share your location with third parties are being removed from the App Store

Periodically, Apple makes a type of cleaning in its virtual store in order to remove applications that are not in accordance with any of the many rules imposed by it. This week, another one was put into practice.

According to the 9to5Mac, Ma is removing apps that share location information with third party companies from the App Store by informing the developer / company that the app in question violates two rules of the App Store Review Guidelines.

Legal – 5.1.1 and Legal 5.1.2

The application transmits the user's location data to third parties without the user's explicit consent and for unapproved purposes.

Such developers / companies will need to remove any code, structure or SDK related to the breach before resubmitting the application to be approved on the App Store.

Still according to the 9to5Mac, such an attitude by Apple has to do with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation) from the European Union is new legislation that strains the duties of companies that collect personal data.

It is easy to imagine then that the apps in question are not making the necessary effort to inform users about what happens to their data. It is no use just asking permission, I need to explain exactly why the company is sharing such data with others. In addition, Apple is also on top of apps that are sharing this data for purposes other than improving the user experience.

Apple finally decided to start imposing guidelines on selling location data

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The only public confirmation so far of this new cleaning on the App Store came from this tweet above; however, the 9to5Mac said it received private reports from other developers.