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Apple reiterates commitment to the Paris Agreement during conference in Lisbon

Apple has previously expressed its desire to continue supporting the Paris Agreement after the Trump administration withdrew the United States from the treaty, which sets practical goals to reduce the effects of global warming. Now, the company has repeated this claim through its vice president of social, political and environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

The executive, who was already responsible for one of the main US environmental agencies during the Obama administration, was at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, where she made comments regarding the Agreement and the fact that Apple can remain a company (extremely) profitable while respecting the environment and treaty rules.

The air we breathe and the planet we leave for our children do not belong to anyone's party, or nobody's ideology belongs to all of us, and governments should be our allies in this work. At Apple, we support and continue to support the Paris Climate Agreement.

Jackson further stated that "there is no conflict between a healthy planet and healthy financial results", adding that this would be "a false choice and that everyone should reject it".

Of course, even with the largest publicly traded company in the world (and several others) challenging a decision by Donald Trump, the American government is unlikely to go back on its decision. Still, it is still a valiant action by Apple and other companies to make clear their dissatisfaction with such an important issue, at a moment as crucial as what we are experiencing, a great responsible attitude, even if based on marketing .

via Apple World Today