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Apple registered patent confirms that we may soon have a foldable iPhone

Apple registered patent confirms that we may soon have a foldable iPhone

In the midst of the race for the best device for users, we have many variants to consider. Larger batteries, borderless screens, pop-up and flip cameras, unique features, camera features for photographing and recording videos that can very soon retire to the entry-level DSLR cameras and more.

However, what has been calling attention, definitely are the folding devices. After the problems faced by Samsung in early 2019, which seem to have been resolved, we have the Galaxy Fold, which at the moment remains without direct competitors since Huawei commercializes the Mate X only in China. In addition we now have the Moto Razr Motorola, which had some units on the market before the official shipment of units purchased in pre-sale.

In addition to the devices listed above we have the first foldable smartphone, we must not forget to mention, the Royole Flexpai and, already, with a date set for its launch, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the latter to follow the format of the Moto Razr, which folds the smartphone in half instead of turning it into a tablet.

Foldable iPhone? Today's patent shows details of an Apple folding deviceFoldable iPhone? Today's patent shows details of an Apple folding device

Now, everything indicates that Apple was not only concerned with the ear tugging that President Donald Trump had been giving on account of 5G. We have a registered patent that shows a foldable device in detail in a document of almost 50 pages.

And, based on the registration date, which is the same as in this publication, February 4, 2020, it seems that Apple waited for this first generation of foldables to appear in order to adjust details of its patent and not to make the mistakes seen previously made by the competition. .

However, what we have a patent for, we know that there are tens of thousands of registered patents that never even became presentable prototypes, but taking into consideration that Samsung is about to launch its second folding device, including direct formats, for publics different, I believe that Apple will not be watching this all happen and stay out of this fight.

The question that does not want to remain silent, will we have a foldable iPhone in 2020? This I do not know how to answer, but I guarantee that when it hits the market, it will be a 5G device.

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