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Apple opens another iOS app development center, this time in Jakarta (Indonesia)

It was opened today, in Jakarta (capital and largest city in Indonesia), plus one development center for Apple apps. Initially, the plan was to build a research and development center in the region, but the company opted for the structure that is part of its innovation and application creation program for the iOS.

The project already has a development center in Italy and a very similar initiative here in Brazil, known as BEPiD.

In Indonesia, as reported by the The Jakarta Post, the program was implemented so that Apple complies with country regulations which require that at least 30% of the content of smartphone manufacturers must be produced locally. The percentage of content produced is open to some possibilities, between producing devices in the country, developing software or other innovations. Only companies that follow these regulations are allowed to sell their devices in the country.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, told the press that the new development center is a major achievement for the company and the next generations of developers.

We are thrilled to open Apple's new development center in Jakarta, to help the next generation of developers have the necessary skills to create iOS apps and to learn about this rapidly growing market.

Apple app development center in Indonesia

The app development center was created in partnership with Binus University and is part of Apple's $ 44 million investment in Indonesia. According to the local government, the program trains approximately 200 new developers per year in the country.

In the past two years, the participation of Ma developers has not grown by more than 50%; prior to the opening of the development center, Apple had already sent some university professionals to teach students about the Swift and Objective-C programming languages. From these classes, some applications were developed by the students, including a prototype called Toll X, which helps to identify the value of tolls in the region.

In Brazil, this initiative has already been the stage for the creation of several applications, leading more and more Brazilian App Store developers.

via Cult of Mac

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