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Apple may start selling subscriptions to streaming video services through the TV app

Apple's ambitions in the world of the original series content (and maybe even movies) are not only new and exciting, but here we comment on many of Apple's advances in this sector, but that does not mean that Ma is also not trying to maintain increasingly better relationships with other content providers, such as streaming video and second screen applications.

Proof of this is the novelty brought by sources from Bloomberg: Apparently, Apple is planning to add by next year a way for users to subscribe to streaming third-party videos directly through the app TV, present on iPhones / iPads / iPods touch and Apple TV.

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Currently, when trying to access the content of a platform from which you are not a subscriber in the app, it directs you to the official subscription page on the website or to the service app, which represents a ?break? in the fluid experience that Apple so much cherishes. With the change, users will be able to hire the services they want without leaving the application, possibly taking advantage of the benefits of Apple's ecosystem, such as the automatic filling of information and perhaps even Apple Pay.

To complement the change, including the Bloomberg suggests that Apple may be able to make a change in the functioning of the TV app itself. Currently, the streaming of the selected content made in the applications of the services in question, but Ma may soon start showing the films and series within its app, ?importing? the data from the platforms.

There is no information about which services would join the Apple initiative, but we can count the main one (Netflix) as a card out of the deck, since it is not even part of the TV app (yet?).

We will have to wait to see, also, what will be the reaction of the platforms of streaming with the novelty. Naturally, Ma's idea with the move to profit from the TV app, which currently represents zero revenue for the company, the profit, of course, would come from a percentage of the subscription money that would go directly to the Cupertino coffers, as already occurs on the App Store. If HBO, Hulu and the limited company are willing to give up a slice of their profits to (potentially) attract a larger number of customers, that's just the right time.

via 9to5Mac

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