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Apple finally signs agreement with TSMC and begins to depend less on Samsung in the production of chips for iGadgets

Since the beginning of 2011 rumors have stated that Apple was already looking for a partner to replace Samsung in the production of its chips, used in iPads and iPhones / iPods touch. THE Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company it was always the most highly rated, however, even if every six months someone shouted ?Now go!?, this partnership had never left the paper.


Now that has changed. As reported by the The Wall Street Journal, TSMC finally managed to reach the level of Apple's technical requirement and signed a supply contract with Ma. Production, using a 20 nanometer process, will begin in 2014. However, according to a company executive, Samsung will continue to be the is the main supplier, which makes a lot of sense, since it would be too risky for Apple to change everything in one stroke.

Also according to the TSMC executive, the agreement took a long time to get off the ground because the company had failed to reach the speed and energy consumption levels requested by Apple, which has now happened.

It is a fact that Apple did not like to deliver plans and a billion dollar contract to Samsung and see the rival grow more and more in the market, even though the South Korean has promised to keep its two businesses (business-to-business and business-to-consumer) fully independent. Imagine the amount of information that Samsung executives do not have access to because it is one of Apple?s main partners in producing iGadgets! With the new partnership, Apple is finally able to gradually get rid of its biggest frenemy.

(via The Next Web)

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