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Another supposed “benchmark” of the future MacBook Pro appears, this time from the 15-inch model

We disclose here on MacMagazine supposed performance tests (benchmarks) of future Mac Pro and MacBook Pro in the case of the notebook, everything indicates to be the model of 13 inches.

Today, July 9, another one appeared in the database of Primate Labs.

Benchmark of the AAPL45.1 machine

Identified by the AAPLJ45.1 code (the test of the supposed 13-inch model identified by the AAPLJ44.1 code), this has everything to be the 15-inch model, even if we take into account its specifications: Intel Core i7 processor (from the new ?Haswell? family, code 4950HQ) quad-core 2.4GHz with the GPU (graphics processing unit, or integrated graphics processing unit) Iris Pro 5200 and 16GB of RAM. However, by the test, we have no way of knowing which would be the dedicated GPU used in the machine, something present in 15-inch MacBooks Pro.

The new MacBooks Air were presented during WWDC 2013 and feature SSDs (solid-state drives, or faster solid state drives), in addition to a stiffer battery, new processors, graphics and ?Wi-Fi Gigabit?, the new standard for connectivity. It should not be long before MacBooks Pro Retina also receives these news, as MacBooks Pro * no-Retina * should continue as they are until they are out of line, I believe.

(via MacRumors)

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