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Another manufacturer's adapter may have caused the death of a Chinese woman in an iPhone recharging accident [atualizado]

This week we talked about an accident in which a Chinese woman died while answering an iPhone while the device was charging. Everything is still being investigated by Apple and local authorities, but there are already indications that the charger used at the time of the accident * was not * the official Apple.

Accident in China - iPhone 4 and charger from another manufacturerAccident in China - iPhone 4 and charger from another manufacturer

Seeing the images released by CCTV (China Central Television), it is clear that the charger used by Ma Ailun was from another manufacturer (see here the adapter sold by Apple in the country). Xiang Ligang (an expert on the subject) suggested (Google Translate) that the charger in question probably had less security features built into its hardware and that, therefore, the accident occurred.

Unlike what was said, Ailun's device was not an iPhone 5, but an iPhone 4 which does not change much, since the victim's family said that she bought the iPhone at the end of last year and that he was in. warranty.

(via CNET News)

Update · 07/19/2013 s 10:33

In addition, there is a suspicion that the charger was purchased in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan. In these countries the 110V electrical network, while in China it is 220V.