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8 best alternatives to Linktree for Instagram bio

Instagram's biography is an important element for anyone who wants to make money online. Even though it is one of the best strategies to gain followers, it is so limited that it only allows you to include an external link and even the description has space for just a few sentences for Instagram bio.

Linktree is the most famous escapade for this problem. While it does not allow you to increase the length of your description, it makes it possible to create a link that directs your followers to a page with several links from you. But is the tool really the best for this function?

Before rushing to create a Linktree account, we invite you to discover some of these alternatives to Linktree. All of them are able to multiply the links that are in your profile, but all have some particularities that are worth paying attention to.

So, find out below some of the best alternatives to Linktree for your Instagram bio!


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<p>Many of the web tools are in English and require a command of the language to use. When translated, the translation is not always done well and can lead to errors. does not suffer from this.</p>
<p>Developed in Portuguese, the tool allows you to create a link that can direct your followers to other links on your pages. Free of charge, you can customize it the way you prefer and insert a video or form to capture your followers for email marketing, for example.</p>
<p>Start using now by accessing the link!</p>
<h2>2. Link in Profile</h2>
<p>This app serves as a landing page tool. The difference to conventional capture pages is that this link leads to different pages of your business, whether for a blog content or a sales page, without restrictions.</p>
<p>The main benefit of this is that you get a way to analyze which accesses to your pages came through your links on Instagram. Link in Profile is simple and easy to use, in addition to working with ecommerce applications like Amazon, WordPress and Shopify.</p>
<p>The platform has a monthly subscription that costs $ 9.99, but offers a free trial period. Check the link.</p>
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