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What to do if your Instagram account gets hacked

A few simple steps can make it virtually impossible for hackers to hack into your Instagram account! Know what to do

O Instagram has improved its security system over the years, implementing features that protect users from misinformation, fake news and hackers. However, now and then the social network goes through turbulent periods, and people are left unprotected and not knowing what to do to protect their accounts from attackers.

With that in mind, to help you protect your account on Instagram, continue reading and check out some tips to increase the security of the app.

How to know that your Instagram account has been stolen

When someone tries to change your account email or password, the Instagram notifies you by email. However, many cybercriminals sneak into your account more sneakily.

To find out if someone has changed your profile, you should look at the activities of the Instagram, like Stories, posts, comments and direct messages, to see if there were any changes or updates that you didn?t know about.

Another way of knowing by checking the login activity. There, you will see the last times where the Instagram was logged in and the social network itself asks if it was you or not. Find out how to find the option below:

For Android

For smartphones Android, visit: Menu (three dots)> Settings> Security> Login activity.

Step by step to check login activity

For iPhone

To perform the procedure on the iPhone, visit: Menu (three dashes)> Settings> Security> Login activity.

IPhone step by step

My account was hacked. And now?

If you lost your account because you changed your password, name and phone number, you can contact support Instagram. To do this, open the app on your smartphone, go to ?Forgot your login details? Get help getting in ?.

Right after, fill in the data with the account that was hacked and tap the option "I need more help"; inform the email account that was linked to the profile, check the option "My account has been hacked" and "Submit Request".

You will receive an email with some instructions so that you can recover your login. O Instagram ask for various additional information to ensure that your order is, in fact, real.

Fundamental complex password

Internet security experts say the more the password is rich and random, the better. Many tend to think of an easy-to-remember password, such as someone's birthday, profession, or a combination of numbers.

As we explore more deeply in a specific article, there are people who put the name of the pet, the favorite movie or even details of the residence. This is dangerous and leaves you with no protection.

Himself Instagram recommends that there be a combination of six characters involving numbers, letters and punctuation marks. However, sixteen characters including all of these and upper and lower case letters will give you a really strong password.

Many people use extremely easy passwords, which is a ?full plate? for hackers.

Examples of weak passwords: ?Commercial manager?, ?12071955?

Example of strong password: ?If% # $% 1987fOTiRaMi?

Two-factor authentication

We have already explored in detail how two-factor authentication works. Instagram in a proper article. Nowadays, practically all applications and social networks use this system, which is relatively simple to activate, but very effective in protecting your account.

In short, 2-step verification puts an extra layer of protection where a combination of numbers is sent via SMS or third-party applications and you can only access your account by typing it.

Email security is also important

He who has access to his e-mail will be able to more easily access any other aspect of his life, considering that information such as forgetting a password, for example, goes to him.

Therefore, the tips given above also apply to your email and, preferably, that the password is different from Instagram. Providers often have systems and tips that block unwanted login attempts. Follow them!

Undo login on shared computers

Out of distraction or neglect, many forget to remove the login from their accounts on computersOut of distraction or neglect, many forget to remove the login from their accounts on computers

As obvious as it seems, many forget the Instagram logged in at a friend's house or even at a lan house, leaving the account extremely vulnerable.

To sign out of the social network on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), open the "Menu" and click "Go out". If you are logged in to more than one location simultaneously, the application will ask you if you want to leave all sessions.

J on the Desktop, go to the Instagram; click on your profile icon in the upper right corner; tighten on the gear; and then ?Exit?.

Log out of Instagram from the Desktop

General Tips

Some old recommendations are never too much to protect your account, including:

  • Do not offer your password to anyone, unless you are an extremely trustworthy person;
  • Clicking on unknown links on the Internet, especially those asking for access to your social media data;
  • Prevent third-party applications from accessing your account on Instagram. To manage them, access your account through the desktop, click on settings and then go to ?Apps and websites. Here you will find a list of applications that you have authorized to access the profile and its information. When you find something that you find strange and ?different?, click "Revoke Access".

And you? Protects your account well Instagram? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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