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Video shows alleged “iPhone 5S” housing in detail; was Apple planning to launch the device in two new colors? [atualizado]

We?ve already seen images of the supposed ?iPhone 5S? golden / champagne case and even discussed it a lot on our MacMagazine on Air # 052. However, a new video published by DetroitBORG which has already released one of the ?iPhone 5C? housing shows all the details of that part.

Check out:

As we can see, it is visually identical to the white / silver case of the iPhone 5 with the exception, of course, the golden / champagne tint and the inscription ?iPhone?, which brings a slightly thinner font, more in line with the typography of iOS 7. In addition, there is the rumored double LED flash, in pill form.

However, delving a little deeper into this issue of colors, the reader Juliano Rossi raised a very plausible question in the comments of the post about the graphite / gray model that also came up by: what if the ?iPhone 5S? comes with two color options, but instead of the traditional black / lead and white / silver, the new colors were these two exactly (graphite / gray and gold / champagne)?

This idea was raised by Sonny Dickson (one of the main sources of these carcass leaks) and may not even materialize, but it makes sense. So far, we haven't seen any black and white ?iPhone 5S? leaks. More than that, the theory of launching only these new colors solves a very common problem in upgrades of this type of Ma: similarity.

IPhone concept

When Apple released the iPhone 3GS, it came with an identical iPhone 3G housing; the same thing happened with the iPhone 4S and the 4 can be distinguished from each other by small details, which go unnoticed in the eyes of the large public. By launching ?iPhones 5S? in gold / champagne and graphite / gray, Apple solves this problem easily, as they would be totally different from the colors sold today with the iPhone 5.

It is almost certain that the ?iPhone 5C? and its many colors will also be painted this year. It remains to be seen, then, what Apple will do with the ?rest? of the line. Here are some commercial options that Apple has after the launch of the new models (in order of probability, in my opinion):

  1. ?IPhone 5S? and ?iPhone 5C?;
  2. ?IPhone 5S?, iPhone 5 and ?iPhone 5C?;
  3. ?IPhone 5S?, iPhone 5, ?iPhone 5C? and iPhone 4S.
  4. ?IPhone 5S?, ?iPhone 5C? and iPhone 4S.

Particularly I see no reason why every year Apple must necessarily differentiate a new version from the old one by the look. the kind of thing we don't see happening with MacBooks, iMacs, Macs mini, among other products, that only get redesigns from time to time. But as we know that this highly volatile mobile world and that you can?t revolutionize a device every 12 months, even though many require it, one way to make consumers want to change their device would be just that.

We will see what awaits us on September 10, when Apple should present the new iPhone (s) and only them, no iPads as some have been speculating.

On a related note, the website TmoNews informed that the operator T-Mobile would be planning not to give time off to employees on September 20, 21 and 22 September 20, as we know, the most likely day for Apple to start selling new devices if the presentation takes place even in the day 10/9. For good understanding

(video tip from Tulio Fonseca; news from T-Mobile via Cult of Mac)

Update · 08/29/2013 s 22:49

O BGR reported that AT&T employees are also prohibited from taking a break between 20 and 22 September.

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