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Twelve South's GhostStand accessory is compatible with all MacBooks and elevates the notebook by 15 centimeters

Although I don't have any, I think Twelve South's accessories are really cool. The youngest to GhostStand, ideal for those who have always been used to using an iMac, recently migrated to the Apple notebook line (MacBook Air / Pro) and are not feeling very comfortable with the angle / height of the display.


GhostStand is a transparent, ultra-modern platform and a brilliant work of art that elevates the MacBook to a more comfortable viewing height. Use your MacBook with a keyboard and mouse, then place it on the GhostStand to enjoy the comfort of a desktop at home or at work.


The boring part of using a stand of these you will also have to buy a keyboard and mouse. But if you don't really care about it or if you already have these accessories, GhostStand is a great option. Besides having a tasteful design (she tries to be as ?invisible? as possible), she keeps her MacBook high (15cm above the table) in a safe way that's right, don't risk putting your notebook on top of a lot of magazines or books.


Outside, GhostStand costs $ 35. Twelve South delivers internationally, but you know how it works, right? For the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, for example, delivery was US $ 41 (that is, more expensive than the product itself). Brazil sil, sil!

(via 9to5Mac)