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Tip: How to share your Apple Watch activity data with others

O Apple Watch It is the best friend of those who want to start or maintain a slightly healthier life, with their goals and rewards based on reading their physical activity. But an extra ingredient is the main thing if you want to truly engage in the active life of exercise and sports: the social element.

By sharing your achievements with your loved ones and seeing theirs, you create a kind of healthy competition where everyone strives to excel and impress one another. And, fortunately, it is very easy to add your family / friends so that everyone can follow everyone's progress. Want to see? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Activity app on your iPhone;
  2. In the Sharing tab, touch the ?+? sign (at the top of the screen);
  3. Enter the name of the contact you want to add if the other person has an Apple Watch, their name appears in red, meaning that you can follow each other;
  4. Tap ?Send? after all desired contacts are selected;
  5. Wait for the contacts to accept your request when this occurs, you will receive a notification.

Activity App, on iPhone

Ready! Now your friends' activity rings will appear in your Sharing tab, and yours will appear in theirs. In addition, whenever someone finishes an exercise or closes circles, you will also be notified after all, the idea is to motivate each other.

Touching the circles of your friends (the image on the right, above), you have an overview of how his day was, being able to see the minutes of exercise, how long he stood, how many steps and the distance covered. If you want, you can still silence the person's notifications or hide yours for some reason.

Take advantage of the tip to put into practice that plan at the beginning of the year (either 2018 or 2013) to lose or gain a few pounds, how about that? ?

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