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Street Fighter V is free until February 9

Source: Playstation (Twitter)Source: Playstation (Twitter)

To celebrate the launch of the new edition of Capcom's fighting game, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the developer announced the free trial of Street Fighter 5, where all players of the Playstation 4 and PC platforms will be able to experience the game with the 39 characters current playables. This is an excellent opportunity to decide whether it is worthwhile or not to purchase Champion Edition this month

Capcom campaign start and end dates to play Street Fighter 5 for free

The debut of Street Fighter: Champion Edition will be on February 14 (on Valentine's Day, internationally speaking, because in Brazil on June 12). In this edition we will include all the original content of Street Fighter 5 and the relaunch of Arcade Edition. In celebration of the event, Capcom is offering a free trial of Street Fighter 5 from the 3rd to the 9th of February.

The fighting game developer?s campaign was well received by fans of the franchise, who need to use the game?s currency to acquire more characters for the game through microtransactions (paying literally to have a fighter). For this reason, the Street Figher: Champion Edition version will be very cost-effective.

Street Fighter V free trial campaign banner Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)Street Fighter V free trial campaign banner Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

If the free trial does not convince you to buy the Champion Edition, at least you can test the fighters and decide which one you will buy in the situation where you already have the game in hand. interesting to decide which one to pick up before the 9th, when the free offer of the game ends.

Source: gamerevolution

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