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Spark 2.0 wants to revolutionize email with a new collaborative environment

A long time ago, I decided to abandon the web interfaces and migrated to local customers in order to manage my emails. I tested many, among those that have versions for both macOS and iOS. I funneled my preference in two and, since then, I alternate between them here and there: Spark and Airmail.

Today the Readdle responsible for the first is possibly making the biggest leap since the original product launch with the Spark 2.0, which they also call ?Spark for Teams?.

The big news of the new Spark is right in the name: Readdle wants to revolutionize emails with a very collaborative platform, where teams can work together on their emails without having to resort to external tools. Think of a Google Docs for your emails, developed over the last two years, with sharing, discussions / comments, joint creation and generation of direct links to emails.

It is precisely on this that Readdle bases its business model on Spark, which until today has been made available entirely free of charge to users. There will still be a free plan with 5GB per team, up to two active collaborators, standard link sharing, no functions and standardized support. On the back Premium ($ 8 per user per month, or $ 6 if paid annually), we jump to 10GB per member, unlimited collaborators, advanced link sharing, functions and detailed control, and priority support by Readdle.

But Spark 2.0 doesn?t stop, it also gets a full built-in calendar and new integrations such as Reminders (Reminders), 2Do, OmniFocus, Things, Wunderlist, Todoist, Asana, Trello, Bear and also with Archives (Files) native to iOS. His interface as a whole remains the same with which current users are already familiar.

All of these new features are available immediately in both versions 2.0 of Spark for macOS and for iOS.

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

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