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Samsung reveals list of phones and tablets that will receive Android 10 in Brazil

Between February and September this year, Samsung will release the update for Android 10 on 26 devices.

You own a device from Samsung and want to have the last version (at least for now!) of Android? Because the manufacturer has just announced a list of devices, including cell phones and tablets, that will receive the Android 10 in Brazil.

The schedule was released at Samsung Members, Samsung's official community (and app), listing the month as the maximum term ie some of the updates can come before. A detail: the list can be updated over time to include new devices.

The 26 smartphones / tablets are as follows:

  • February / 2020
    • Galaxy Note 10
    • Galaxy Note 10+
  • March / 2020
  • April / 2020
    • Galaxy S9
    • Galaxy S9 +
    • Galaxy A30
    • Galaxy A80
    • Galaxy Tab S6
  • May / 2020
  • June / 2020
    • Galaxy A7 (2018)
    • Galaxy A6 +
    • Galaxy A9 (2018)
    • Galaxy A10
    • Galaxy A50
  • July / 2020
    • Galaxy Tab S5e
    • Galaxy A20
    • Galaxy J6
    • Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
    • Galaxy J7 Duo
  • August / 2020
    • Galaxy J6 +
    • Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019)
  • September / 2020
    • Galaxy J8
    • Galaxy Tab A 10.5
    • Galaxy Tab A 8 Plus (2019)
    • Galaxy A 10.1
    • Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

Following the publication, there are already updated models: Galaxy S10 / S10 + / S10 and Galaxy M20 / M30. Out of this list, users have already informed that just yesterday (30) there was an update on Note 9 ZTO.

As we said here on Monday (27), Android 11 be released on May 12, which explains the previous version being sent to almost 30 Samsung devices. The news comes almost five months after the launch of the final version of this Android, which aired on September 3.

A point noticed by fans of the operating system is that the tradition of "candy names" was broken with the announcement of the simple "10" (something that has been maintained since Android 1.5) and their own logo has also changed.

Android 10 highlights by Samsung Members

samsung membersPrints by Samsung Members, application where the schedule was aired.

The initial warning that the functions may vary depending on the model, however, the list of news is quite interesting. H improvement of night mode (image adjustments when you are in different environments) and now wallpapers, widgets and alarms will also receive the function; big screens easier navigation (with ?Minimal movement of the fingers?); new h parental controls it's the camera layout changed (apparently, more minimalist so you can ?Take photos without the settings getting in the way?).

Samsung's own interface, One UI 2, was successful in its Beta and the manufacturer also highlights the new and / or facilitated animations and gestures with such an update. Some things have been removed from a previously published list, so it?s worth watching to see if your expectations will be met when Android 10 arrives on your device.