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Pablo Escobar's brother strikes again with flexible screen phone

Escobar Inc. launches new foldable screen phone

Escobar Inc. launches new foldable screen phone

Just over a month after making noise when launching into the electronics world, Roberto Gaviria, brother of drug dealer Pablo Escobar, is back with a new flexible screen cell phone. Escobar Inc., a company that represents the interests of the family, announced on Monday, 3, Escobar Fold 2.

As well as the first version, the new Escobar Fold wants to earn in price, which range from US $ 400 to US $ 550. Samsung's Galaxy Fold, sold at US $ 1,980 in the USA. The comparison with the Samsung device, however, goes beyond the price. The new Escobar Fold seems to have been inspired a lot by the Korean giant's device: it has a 7.3-inch open screen and an auxiliary screen when closed, in addition to having very similar notches and positioning of the cameras.

The copy charge is also nothing new for Escobar Inc: the first generation of the phone was compared to the FlexPai, owned by the American Royole, the first flexible screen phone launched. Aside from the uncomfortable similarity with the competition, the new Escobar Fold promises some interesting specifications: Snapdragon 855 processor, 4,380 mAh battery, camera set with 5 lenses, main screen with a resolution of 2,152 x 1,536 and Android 10.

Escobar Inc. entered the technological world two years ago, when it decided to work on its own smartphone. Pablo and Roberto have always been interested in innovation, he said in December state Olof Gustafsson, who presents himself as executive president of Escobar Inc ..

In fact, since December, the company has expanded its portfolio. In addition to cell phones, the company now has speakers, headphones, power banks with the drug dealer logo printed on them.

Repetition of sexist campaign

In return, Escobar Inc. repeated the sexist marketing strategy, which had a strong impact, almost none positive, on the launch of the first device. Again, the company posted photos and videos of women wearing lingerie while interacting with the device. When launching the first device, Gustafsson justified to the state the choice by type of material.

These girls are a good representation of our brand. If you want to buy a Pablo Escobar, you want something cool, sexy and new, he says. We can be professionals and have a simple video from the phone, but the difference is that we are Pablo Escobar and we can do whatever we want. We had a lot of girls, we took the best and made it happen, my friend, he said.

Escobar Inc. also came back attacking Samsung: in one of the videos released by the company, girls in minimal suits appear to be destroying a Galaxy Fold. The Korean giant did not manifest.

For those who are excited, good running: according to the company, only 200 thousand units of the device were produced.