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Now you can leave a WhatsApp group without being put back then

Through its official blog, WhatsApp Messenger shared some good news focused on groups that came to their apps (for iOS and Android).

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WhatsApp groups are an important part of the users' experience, whether with family members connecting around the world or childhood friends keeping in touch over the years. There are also people who come together through WhatsApp groups when they have common goals, such as first-time parents looking for tips, students when organizing study groups, and even leaders of communities that have just suffered from some natural disaster. coordinating strategies to bring aid to these communities efficiently and quickly.

The first has to do with the description of the group. Now, a brief summary found in the data of the group that allows to define the purpose, guidelines or topics of the group. This is good for when a new person is inserted in such a group, since his description appears at the top of the conversation.

The second novelty has to do with the flow of conversations in the group. When you are out of a conversation, you can now quickly follow the messages that mention you or the replies to you by tapping the ?@? icon, which is displayed in the bottom right corner of the conversation. It is also easier to find someone in a group, as it is possible to search for participants on their information page.

Two new features that have already been released by WhatsApp but apparently are only landing on apps now: 1. more controls in the group settings for administrators, being possible to restrict who can change the subject, image and description of the group; 2. possibility to remove administrator permissions for other group members (the group's creators can no longer be removed from the started group).

Finally, they also include a protection so that users can not be repeatedly added to the groups that made it ideal for that family group that you want to leave and the people put you back! ?

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