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New video shows details of the supposed “iPhone 5S” graphite / gray housing

This week we released a very interesting video showing all the details of the supposed ?iPhone 5S? golden / champagne case. In this same article, we commented on a theory that the new devices could be sold in just two colors but, unlike the current iPhone 5 (white / silver and black / lead), these would be gold / champagne and graphite / gray.

Yesterday another video of these was posted on YouTube, only this time showing all the details of the supposed graphite / gray housing of the future device, see below:

To jump straight to the ?iPhone 5S? case, forward the video to 1?55 ?.

Note that the case also bears the inscription ?iPhone? a little thinner than the one we have today (as in the golden one). In addition, it is noticed that the color graphite / gray is very similar to the black / lead of the current model. And that practically reinforces what we raised in the other post, that the new devices would arrive with ?inditas? colors, does it make sense to sell ?iPhones 5S? with colors so similar like that (black / lead and graphite / gray), in the same?

IPhone 5S Graphite / Gray Case

Now, more than ever, I bet we will have one of the following grids for the iPhone line:

  1. iPhone 5S (gold and graphite) and iPhone 5C (various colors);
  2. iPhone 5S (gold and graphite), iPhone 5 (white and black) and iPhone 5C (various colors).

For those who like to analyze all the details of these castings, here is a video that shows the internal differences between the ?iPhone 5S? and 5 cases:

T coming, guys!

(via 9to5Mac)

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