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More offer: Submarino sells iPad mini with up to 23% discount on boleto; iPads, MacBooks and iMacs with ~ 15%

Now we have just released a Shoptime offer in which iPods are up to ~ 15% off when purchased via boleto or bank transfer. Because the Submarine he also joined the wave and has two very good offers.

Promotion of Submarino - iPads mini

IPad mini are up to 23% off if purchased via boleto not all models are available. To make it easier, check out the prices / models below:

  • iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi: from R $ 1,549.00 per R $ 1,192.73 (23% discount)
  • iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi: from R $ 1,799.00 per R $ 1,412.93 (21% off)
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB: from R $ 2,149.00 per R $ 1,719.20 (20% off)

Promotion of Submarino - iPads, MacBooks and iMacs

J iPads, MacBooks and iMacs are 10% off. But if payment is made via boleto, debit online or at one time on the Submarino card, you get another 5% discount.

Just as an example, the 21.5-inch iMac (entry-level model) costs R $ 6,199.00 for R $ 5,579.10. If payment is by boleto / dbito online, it leaves by R $ 5,300.15. The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro Retina (entry-level model), which normally costs R $ 5,999.00, is leaving for R $ 5,399.10, paying at the boleto / dbito online, for R $ 5,129.15.

Not the best discount in the world, but better than paying the full price, right?

(tip from Marcelo Borges Merlo)

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