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Meet the 15 best Netflix series in 2019

In a few years, Netflix has become one of the largest streaming services in the world and one of the best apps for watching movies and series. In addition, it has also established itself as one of the best producers of original series and films. Your catalog is more than full of high quality options to watch. Of course, when we have so much variety, it is a nightmare to choose what to see next, especially when the goal is not to watch movies, but to look for a new series. Therefore, we separated no less than the best Netflix series in 2019.

From the launches to the consecrated that received a new season. In case you are curious, you can check out our main suggestions of the best Netflix series in 2019 in the list below!

1. The Hill Residence Malice

best netflix series in 2019 hill

To start our list, we have one of the few Netflix series that focus on the horror theme. The Hill Residence Malidio tells the story of a family that suffered several problems and hauntings in an old house.

The episodes are divided into telling events from the time that the family still lived there and how it affects them decades later today. Everything sort of gets revealed gradually, which is great to keep you in series.

2. You

Since we are on the topic of terror, it is worth recommending a series of suspense as well. You were one of the best Netflix series in 2019 and show the story of a true stalker obsessed with an aspiring writer.

The man is convinced that he and the girl must be together and does everything to find out more about her. His actions start to become more worrying when he believes that other people are disturbing the romance in some way.

3. The Witcher

The Witcher was not only one of the best Netflix series in 2019, but also one of the most anticipated. His production was well documented, both by the media and by those involved in the work.

And it was no wonder, since the franchise is well known for books and games released years ago. Apparently, the series has also pleased many fans and is already with a new season being prepared.

4. The Crown

The Crown may not be as recent a series as others on our list, but its third season was very successful in 2019. For those unfamiliar, it tells the story of the British royal family from the 1940s until the most recent events.

Each episode is some very interesting historical facts, although some situations are obviously fictitious. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the Netflix series that receives the most awards and praise.

5. Sex Education

best netflix series in 2019 sex education

As the series' name suggests, Sex Education focuses heavily on information about sexual matters that teenagers receive or fail to receive. The biggest focus is on a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist who talks too much about the subject with her son.

Since the boy himself is not so interested in this, he ends up passing the information on to his colleagues. This helps and advises those who can at your school, especially those who are ill-informed. a great series and worth checking out.

6. 13 Reasons Why

You may have heard of 13 Reasons Why, one of the best Netflix series in 2019. We say this not only because of its quality, but also because it was controversial for the sensitive topics it covered.

Most events revolve around a group of teenagers having to deal with the suicide of a schoolmate and how she blamed each one in some way. Surprisingly, the series already has three seasons and can continue for a while.

7. Lcifer

If you are looking for something more relaxed, we can suggest Lcifer quite easily. In this series, we see the famous fallen angel leaving hell to spend time on Earth, where he even sets up his own business.

In addition to some adventures that only the devil would be able to have around here, he also helps police officers solve certain difficult cases. With a synopsis like that, you can't miss watching the first episodes.

8. Condemning Eyes

The Eyes That Condemn series is much heavier than the others on our list. It is based entirely on facts, in which five black teenagers were accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park in 1989.

Despite the pressure of the media, the racism of the population and the rush to condemn the boys, their innocence is eventually discovered. A very strong plot and difficult to watch, but it is very worth it.

9. Stranger Things

We certainly don't need to introduce you to Stranger Things, since you must have at least heard of it. It really is one of the best Netflix series in 2019 and is also one of the most viewed series of the past year, with three seasons so far.

Without revealing much about the story, we can say that the series follows some strange events in a small city in the USA in the 1980s. .

10. Black Mirror

Black Mirror did not have its first seasons produced by Netflix, but it was the company that rescued the series from the cancellation. Not only that, but it has also led to huge success worldwide with her new (and old) seasons.

As she is an anthology series, she has different stories and characters in each episode. The only constant is the theme: our dependence on technology and its negative effects on our lives.

With such a style, it is not tiring and even one of the easiest to marathon.

11. La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel is another series that has gone viral, especially in Brazil. If you haven't watched it yet, know that you're missing out on one of the best Netflix series in 2019.

It shows a well-planned assault on the Spanish Mint. The first season focuses heavily on events during the crime and the relationship between thieves and hostages.

12. The Good Place

The Good Place tells the story of a protagonist who dies and goes to paradise by mistake. All of this after living a very corrupt life and without caring for others.

As you can imagine, the series is very funny and worth it for anyone who wants something relaxed. The cool thing that she continues to receive new seasons.

13. The Umbrella Academy

If you like comic books, but prefer something a little different The Umbrella Academy is a good suggestion. It is based on the comic of the same name, in which dozens of people with special abilities are born on the same day unexpectedly.

Some are adopted and created by a billionaire who wants to save the world when necessary. When he is dead, the young men meet despite their differences and try to find out what happened.

14. Russian doll

If you have seen a film with a time loop, you can understand the Russian Doll premise. In this series, the protagonist lives the same days before her death, trying to avoid the tragedy.

Whenever she fails, she ends up going back to the first day. The series was highly praised and considered one of the best Netflix series in 2019, although it is not yet as well known.

15. Bandits on TV

Netflix also has some great series produced in Brazil. The example we will give in our list today Bandidos na TV, an extremely interesting documentary series.

It shows in detail the case of Wallace Souza, a former presenter of a police and political program in Manaus. The problems start when he is accused of planning and commanding crimes that were shown on his program.

Everything would be to arrive at the place in advance and have more audience and support from the population. The situation is even worse when the police officers in the case are accused of framing Wallace.

Did you like the best Netflix series in 2019?

Did you take advantage of our list to see some of the best Netflix series in 2019? So do not forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions and if there are other series that you would like to have seen here.

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