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Low inventories of AirPorts Express – and iMacs – may indicate that new generations are coming

Apple took advantage of WWDC 2013 and updated the AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsule stations, incorporating the new IEEE 802.11ac standard. However, the AirPort Express in this story.

AirPort Express

O AppleInsider he noted today that in the United States, some Apple Retail Stores and Best Buy stores have very low accessory stocks. It is true that this does not mean much about Apple's online stores, both Brazilian and American, with normal delivery times for the product.

Problems happen, such as supplying some parts for the assembly of the device, loading not delivered for some reason, among many other things. Except that with an Apple event approaching and taking into account that AirPort Express really needs an update to match the brothers, this speculation makes sense.

I don't really believe in that possibility, but it would be really cool to see Apple redesigning the device again. For those who do not remember, before winning this ?Apple TV format?, AirPort Express was a very portable and interesting accessory, practically a box that you plugged in, making it perfect for taking on trips and everything.

The new design even made it cute, but lost a lot in terms of portability. So I would love to see a new model not only with support for the IEEE 802.11ac standard, but with a return to the origins.

New forward and angled iMacs

In parallel, the 9to5Mac He said he heard why the iMac is also low on stocks. It is a fact that the Apple desktop will receive an update, as well as the Mac mini and MacBook Pro all need to receive the new processors from Intel and the standard IEEE 802.11ac, already present in MacBooks Air. It remains to be seen exactly when this happens, since Apple left * all * the news for the second half of the year.

AirPortsAirPorts (Wi-Fi bases)

Price: from R $ 479.00 (or 12x without interest of R $ 39.92).Models: Express, Extreme and Time Capsule (2TB and 3TB).Current generation: mid-2013 (except for the Express model).

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