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Llia Gonzalez wins commemorative doodle on her 85th birthday | Internet

Llia Gonzalez would be 85 this Saturday (01). In honor of the Brazilian anthropologist and activist, Google celebrates on its homepage a special Doodle in honor of the date. Llia is known as one of the most influential civil rights figures of blacks in the twentieth century and in the struggle of feminist movements and has a vast biography in her history. The illustration of the Google homepage, created by the artist Olivia When, shows the anthropologist speaking to white and black people, something common in the honoree's routine.

As a very influential public figure in Brazil, art is only available on the country's homepage, both on cell phones and computers. Llia passed away on June 11, 1994, when she had a heart attack at her home in Rio de Janeiro, aged 59

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Lelia Gonzalez gets a commemorative doodle on her 85th birthday Photo: Reproduo / GoogleLelia Gonzalez gets a commemorative doodle on her 85th birthday Photo: Reproduo / Google

Lelia Gonzalez gets a commemorative doodle on her 85th birthday Photo: Reproduo / Google

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Born in Belo Horizonte, Llia was of humble origin, the daughter of a railroad worker and an indigenous domestic servant. Graduated in History and Philosophy at the State University of Guanabara (EUG), Gonzales worked as a teacher in the public school system and did a master's degree in social communication and a doctorate in Political Anthropology. After studying, the activist dedicated herself to researching ethnicity and gender, giving classes in Brazilian culture.

His great achievements involve the co-foundation of the Unified Black Movement (MNU), the Black Women Collective N'Zinga, the Black Research and Culture Institute (IPCN) and also the Olodum. Her dedication to guaranteeing women's rights led her to act from 1985 to 1989 at the National Council for Women's Rights (CNDM). Lelia also ran as a federal deputy affiliated with the PT and in the following elections as a state deputy for the PDT, but in both of them she remained as an alternate, not being elected.

Llia Gonzales wrote several essays and articles, in addition to publishing two books: Popular celebrations in Brazil, in 1987, and Lugar de negro, with Carlos Hasenbalg, in 1982. The antroploga has already been honored in the name of a state public school in Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro, at a black culture center in Goinia, at the Academic Center for Social Sciences at USP and also at a cultural cooperative in Aracaju.

In addition to the places with names that honored the activist, Maurcio Meirelles used one of Gonzales' essays and staged in 2003 the play Candances – The reconstruction of fire. The most recent tribute paid to the antroploga was created by the government of Bahia in 2010, in which Gonzales represents with his name an award that encourages feminist policies for women in municipalities in the state.

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The history of Google Doodles

The history of Google Doodles

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