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Huawei's new MateBook D hits the Portuguese market in March

Notebook computers are one of Huawei's bets for 2020 and March 12, two new versions of MateBook D arrive on the market, the most accessible line of Huawei's MateBooks, with AMD processors but with the integration of the same distinctive features that the brand puts on the entire range, including the fingerprint reader and fast charging batteries. SAPO TEK had already written in December that Huawei would renew the line of notebooks, and today the new models were confirmed at a meeting with journalists.

MateBook D will be available in two models, 14 and 15 inches, with a design that improves the screen ratio and that makes the computer thinner and lighter, with a weight of 1.62 kg and a minimum thickness of 16, 9 mm.

The processor an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U and the 65 W charger, USB-C, allows you to charge 53% of the battery in 30 minutes. All equipment is geared towards mobility, as explained by Tiago Flores, responsible for the commercial area of ??consumption at Huawei, and there are two configurations in each model.

The camera on the keyboard and the fingerprint reader are also pointed out as differentiating factors, but the price is also a distinctive factor, with the 15-inch model priced at 649 or 749 euros, depending on the model, while the 14-inch model has a price 699 or 799 euros.

The integration between the computer and the smartphone, through Huawei Share, was identified as one of the added value of the ecosystem that Huawei wants to develop between the smartphone and other equipment, including computers. Simply touch the base smartphone of the PC and the NFC tag can be read and the cell phone mirroring starts in the Windows app, which allows you to quickly transfer files and access all applications and messages.

This connection has been improved compared to what we tested last year and is now faster and more complete.

The launch of new MateBook X and MateBook, both with Intel processors, is also planned, but the news will be announced at MWC, which takes place in the last week of February in Barcelona.

Editor's Note: The news has been updated with more information.

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