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How to set alarms, set up Search iPhone and free up space on Mac

It doesn't seem like it, but it's been almost a year since Apple started publishing on its Brazilian YouTube channel a series of small videos with usage tips for your systems and devices. We have already made some articles announcing new publications of this type (this is the most recent) and now Ma is back with another batch of mini-tutorials.

Let's see them below:

How to set and manage alarms on iPhone

You can set, manage and customize an alarm by making it repeat, name it, choose a unique sound and tap snooze on your iPhone or iPad.

How to set up the Find iPhone, iPad, or Mac feature

Here's how to set up Search iPhone on your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

How to free up storage space on Mac

Learn how to manage and free up space on your Mac using integrated macOS tools.

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It is nice to note that, in this new wave of tutorials, we have, for the first time, a video totally dedicated to the Mac until then, all were focused on iPhones and iPads or more generalized elements of the Ma ecosystem. We hope that the trend of embracing computers of the company in the contents is maintained.

For those interested, in the full description of the videos, Apple still has pertinent links from its official support pages that can expand the users' knowledge and help them with more specific tasks or questions. one hand on the wheel!

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