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Google News app is now available for iPhones and iPads

Announced by Google a week ago, the new app Google News is now available for iOS and Android.

Google News app icon

For those who don't know, we are talking about a news repository that organizes everything in a more practical way, helping you to better understand the stories that are important to you (all using and abusing artificial intelligence based on what you have been reading for a, obviously).

The great advantage of the app is the personalized summary, a way to keep up to date on the subjects that interest you. This summary, according to Google, is updated throughout the day, showing the five most important articles for you (including local, national and international content).

If you are more interested in a story, get full coverage of it by touching the news. That's because the app presents everything online about that particular subject, highlighting different perspectives, timelines, frequent doubts, people involved and more. Google also wants to combat fake news and, for this, it has created different groups of publications, which also allows you to discover new sources of news.

The new app, as we speak, replaced the old Google Play Newsstand and Google News and Weather. In addition, it was merged with the platform Newsstand and allows users to buy / subscribe to digital editions of newspapers and magazines around the world.