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Discover this beautiful app to manage your authentication codes in two steps

If you don't know what two-step authentication, should. In short, another layer of protection for your digital accounts. Several online services use two-step authentication, which consists of sending a code (either by SMS or by a specific application for that) so that you can enter such code after entering the login / password information, in order to prove that you really are you.

That is, if someone by chance steals your login / password, that person would still need to have access to your phone to receive this code and enter the service (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Apple ID, etc.). I enable two-step authentication on absolutely all online services that offer this protection and I recommend that you do the same thing.

To manage the codes, instead of choosing to receive everything by SMS, I prefer to manage using the 1Password application, which, among other things, has the generation of codes for such a service. But there are also specific applications, 100% dedicated to this, such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

The premise of an app so simple: generate codes. And the examples above (Google and Microsoft) work, but they are far from a pleasant experience. precisely why i am presenting now the Step Two.

Step Two app icon

It has a very friendly, intuitive and accessible interface which, in the end, helps people who have some difficulty in dealing with this type of security feature to interact with something like this. The cool thing is that, like everything synchronized by iCloud, your codes are automatically backed up and available on all your devices. In addition, if you change phones, everything is automatically synchronized with the new one, a big flaw in Google Authenticator, for example.

Step Two works with any online account that uses unique time-based passwords (TOTP) for two-step authentication (like Google, Twitter, Amazon and more). It is good to note that Apple is left out of this, as it uses a proprietary solution to send codes only to the trusted devices linked to your Apple ID. But on most online services, you will be very well served with Step Two.

The application is free and comes with a limit of ten accounts to be registered; in case you wanted to register more than that, you can make an in-app purchase of R $ 6.90 and drop that limit.

via Beautiful Pixels