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Developers create group to claim old demands from the App Store community

In less than three weeks, we will have the 2018 edition of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where Apple presumably present its news in terms of software to users and developers. Taking advantage of the moment, a group of developers published an open letter addressed to the company with some old claims made by the App Store community.

The group, which calls itself "The Developers Union" (Developers Union, despite having nothing like a union here), led by Brent Simmons (creator of apps like MarsEdit and the late Vesper), Jake Schumacher (documentary director ?App: The Human Story?), Loren Morris (product designer) and Roger Ogden (software designer). But signers of the letter appear every moment: so far, there are now more than 125 people supporting the claims on the group's website and counting!

Citing as a fundamental guide for a better sustainability of the developers, the group's primary request is to implement free trial periods for apps in the App Store, a novelty that they ask to be introduced until the store's 10th anniversary in July 2019. developers ask for the ability to decide how and when to offer trial periods for their apps, in the periods they determine and without limitations on the part of Ma.

Once this stage was achieved, the group started to defend ?a more reasonable model of fees and other changes stimulated by the community and friendly to the developers?, as they put it, but without specifying the nature of these changes.

As reported by WIRED, the group expects to reach 1,000 signatories of the letter this week and reach 20,000 supporters by the beginning of June, at the beginning of the WWDC which, if materialized, will certainly give a status and bargaining power quite real initiative. The creators have even stated that they can incorporate a kind of voting system among members in the future, but the initial intention of the group is to unify the developers.

Now, we will need to know if the idea catches on: if the group makes noise, it is possible that we are seeing the introduction of more changes for the App Store. To be?

via MacRumors

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