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Apple warns that it will withdraw applications that use the CallKit framework from the Chinese App Store

The admirable zeal of Apple adapting to the laws of each country where he works has generated some hype when it comes to China, where there is a very strict regulation by the government regarding internet access; For this reason, Ma even complicitly ?supports? the country's authoritarian regime.

Whether this is true or not, the company continues its efforts to comply with the country's laws and remain in the largest smartphone market in the world. After removing VPN apps from the Chinese App Store, Apple now also removes apps using the framework CallKit.

Tim Cook at Apple event with the Chinese flag in the background

Launched with iOS 10, CallKit one framework which allows developers to add Apple's call interface to their own applications; O framework assists in the interface, but the structural part (backend) needs to be done by the developer's own VoIP services.

The problem is that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, organ that plays the role of our Anatel for l) disapproves the VoIP features of CallKit not specifically, but services of the type. For this reason, Apple has already started reporting to developers using the CallKit integration in China, stating that either they withdraw the integration with the framework of the app, or the app is completely removed from the Chinese App Store.

Apparently, this measure was already expected, so much so that the popular messaging app WeChat, which had integration with CallKit, has already taken care of removing it in the latest updates.

The Chinese government does take internet access regulation issues seriously and possibly Apple is being pressured to make all of its services comply with local laws. Therefore, this type of measure should only increase more and more.

via 9to5Mac