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Apple opens its first store in Thailand; construction in Stockholm is barred

Just in time for holiday shopping, Apple is taking advantage of the hype around its launches this year to inaugurate (and reopen) some retail stores around the world. Last Saturday, the Cupertino giant opened its first store in Thailand and reopened the doors of the famous Apple Covent Gardenin London (in the United Kingdom), in addition to Apple Southlake Town Square (in Texas).


Apple Iconsiam

The first official Apple store in Thailand (in Bangkok) opened last Saturday (10/11). Announced at the end of October, the Apple Iconsiam It is located in the new shopping center of the same name, opened one day before Ma store.

Thanks to our passionate Thai customers who helped us celebrate our first store in Thailand today! We are very excited to be part of your community in Bangkok.

? Hello, Bangkok our Thai customers and store staff were all smiling today when we opened our first store in Thailand! We are happy to have a new home in ?Terra dos Sorrisos? to share our passion and creativity with the community.

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For its first store in Thailand, Apple secured the best property in the mall. Apple Iconsiam is located in the middle of the complex, just below the main sign of the shopping center. The store also opens to the second floor (a roof) supported by largest pillared glass facade in the world that gives a surreal view to the Chao Phraya river. One of Apple's partners, Herms, occupies the store downstairs.

Apple Iconsiam

Designed by Foster + Partner, who works with Ma to build other Apple Stores around the world, the site has a stone portal that takes customers to a lush garden on the store's terrace where they can admire the landscape or visit one of the sessions Today at Apple, including sitting "New Beginnings" (?Novos Comeos?), developed especially for Apple Iconsiam.

Inside the store, a spacious forum offers all the programs of Ma's free project, located between 12 trees that line the sides of Genius Grove and the store's gigantic 6K panel.

Check out some photos of the store opening:


If the mishmash in the Stockholm store installation project (in Sweden) was already ugly for Apple, now it has completely gone. As planned, the new body of members of the Swedish capital's City Council rejected plans to build a company store in Kungstrdgrden Park. Although the arrival of Apple City is welcomed, they said that Kungstrdgrden the wrong place, as disclosed by The Guardian.

Project for Apple store in StockholmProject for Apple store in Stockholm

The project was not only judged negatively by city politicians: the general public also did not support the choice of the Apple Store building site, with approximately 1,800 responses from citizens (almost all against Apple's plans). As with the case in Melbourne (Australia), what hinders Ma in Stockholm are her design plans in partnership with Foster + Partners, as described by editor Dan Hallemar of Arkitektur (Sweden's leading architecture magazine):

He (the project) takes all the energy and aura out of the public space and adds nothing. like a parasite.

Apple, however, still holds the rights to build on Kungstrdgrden Square, as highlighted by AppleInsider; therefore, there is a chance that the company will be able to fight at higher levels for the construction of the store there or else to abandon these plans, since public opinion must be considered.


As we mentioned last month, the company's main store in London, the Apple Covent Garden, was closed in July this year for renovations. After almost four months of renovations, the point was reopened with an updated design in line with the company's new "standard", but without losing the historic character of the place.

The reopening coincided with the launch of the iPhone XR and the series of creative sessions from Today at Apple which will be offered to Londoners this month, who will also be awarded musical performances and other activities. As we said, the company maintained some historical elements of the building, built in the 19th century, such as exposed bricks, arches and a vaulted ceiling. Both the famous glass staircases (one of them in a spiral) were also maintained.

Basically, the changes are in addition to those in the structure to update the store's equipment, such as new tables and displays. The forum, positioned in the center of flagship, features a new 355-inch 8K panel for visitors to see through the arches as soon as they enter the Apple Store.

Apple Covent Garden after renovation

Surrounding this environment, there are six potted trees, armchairs and benches upholstered in brown leather, a new design element present, until then, only in some Apple stores.

Here is a photo gallery shared by 9to5Mac:

"Apple "Apple


We also inform you that the Apple Southlake Town Square it was closed for renovations in March. Last week, the store reopened in time for the launch of the new iPad Pro and Macs and includes some new special details.

Apple Southlake Town Square

While Ma's newest stores in open-air shopping centers have a textured stone facade and a ceiling lined with light panels, the renovated Southlake store has a wood-paneled ceiling and an all-glass facade, which printed from a more comfortable and natural location (like the new store in Thailand). Inside, Apple installed a new panel that will help you conduct Today at Apple.

In the US, currently six Apple stores are under renovation, including the famous retail of the glass cube on Fifth Avenue in New York.


Apple finally released the official opening date for its new store in Paris (France), located in Avenue Champs-lyses. The store will open on November 18, next Monday, and replace the Apple Carrousel du Louvre, permanently closed last month.

Apple Champs lyses

THE Apple Champs-lyses it has one of the largest forums of the company in Europe and is the ?headquarters? of Ma on the continent. THE flagship was briefly shown during Ma's last special event last month, along with the announcement of the arrival of 60 new sessions from Today at Apple.

In the days following the opening, Apple will offer a series of sessions from its program exclusive to Paris. Among these, live art sessions will take place with the artists who decorated the store's facade and a music lab with artists Snge and Myd, in addition to musical performances.

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