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Apple may delay entire iPhone shipments due to Coronavirus

Apple may delay entire iPhone shipments due to Coronavrus

Apple may experience major delays in the production of the iPhone if Foxconn is forced to keep its Chinese factory closed due to the recent coronavirus outbreak.

The information came through "a person with direct knowledge of the subject" when he says that the production of Apple iPhones may be compromised if the current closure persists.

Although the same source said that Foxconn has so far not had a direct impact on production by being able to use factories elsewhere, but that this will only be possible for a limited time.

The information arrived today, saying that Foxconn has so far suffered "little impact" because of the outbreak, as it used factories in countries like Vietnam, India and Mexico to fill the manufacturing deficit, adding that the company could make up for the delay if the factories work overtime after the ban.

Foxconn's Chinese factory is expected to remain closed until February 10, but if the authorities extend the closing order, things can quickly become bad.

"What concerns us are the delays for another week or even more than a month. The impact would be great. It would definitely impact the Apple production line."

"The question is complicated whether we will be able to resume production (on February 10) … It depends on the instructions given by the central and provincial governments".

Apple took steps over the weekend to close all Apple stores, offices and contact centers, in a move the company called "cautious".

All eyes remain on China to see if the factories will remain closed after the current February 10 window.

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