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Apple has 4 of the 5 most desired Christmas products, but loses leadership

Every year, analysis firms go into action to find out what's on the minds of consumers and in their letters to Santa Claus; almost always, Apple products are among the most desired for the Christmas and occupy several positions on those lists. Today, the used electronics retailer Gazelle released its research on the topic and defined that, yes, gadgets da Ma remain very popular with the public this Christmas season.

Of the five electronic products most desired by consumers this Christmas, four are from Apple, but Ma lost the leadership: those who stayed with the preference of the researched public were the devices Galaxy, Samsung's 23% of respondents said they were eyeing one to win the holiday season. Then came the iPhone (21%), the Apple Watch (17%), the iPad (16%) and the MacBook (14%).

Perhaps the biggest surprise above is the popularity of the Apple Watch, which surpassed the iPad and MacBook in the preference of consumers, something quite significant when we are talking about a device that basically depends on another (the iPhone) to be fully functional. Ma, of course, must be very happy with the results after all, even though it has lost the leadership to its main competitor, it still has all its main lines cited as the most desired by consumers.

Of course, these are just forecasts so we know exactly what Apple's Christmas quarter will be like, we will have to wait for its next financial results. We'll see.

via Cult of Mac