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Apple Donates to Help Stop California Forest Fires

Forest fires in California not exactly a novelty every year, the combination of extremely dry weather with local atmospheric conditions, linked to the great concentration of pollutants in the american state, creates a network of fire that spreads over thousands of kilometers. Due to global warming, however, this phenomenon is becoming more devastating every year.

In 2018, fires in the state have already killed 14 people (registered the number can still go up), displaced thousands and destroyed at least one entire city: the village of Paradise, with more than 26,000 inhabitants. To give you an idea, it is estimated that the fire is consuming the equivalent of 80 football fields per minute. A terrifying video released by Gizmodo shows the agony of a family when trying to escape the fire happily, successfully.

To help with fire containment initiatives and to help homeless families, Tim Cook today announced on Twitter that Apple will make a donation to responsible bodies and entities.

Praying for the safety of our neighbors, loved ones and everyone affected by the fires that are spreading rapidly across California. We are grateful to the firefighters and rescuers who are working to keep everyone safe. Apple is making a donation to containment efforts in Northern and Southern California.

Although Cook did not specify the amount of the donation (last year, it was $ 1 million), the money will certainly come at a good time especially considering that the fires have a current content index of 0% (ie, zero), Apple's help can be providential at the moment.

We hope everything will be fine there, as far as possible.

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