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Apple adjusts iCloud prices in Brazil; increases reach 22%

And the inevitable happened.

A few days ago, we informed you that the prices of App Store Brazilian economy were readjusted by 10-15%, but that the iCloud storage It's from Apple Music remained intact. No more.

Here is the email that Apple sent to customers who buy extra space in the cloud:

Dear Eduardo Marques,

Thanks for using iCloud. ICloud keeps all your photos, videos, files, notes, messages and more securely stored and available on all your devices.

The price of your iCloud storage plan will change from December. The price of your 2TB monthly plan will increase R $ 29.90 for R $ 34.90 per month. Your plan will be automatically renewed for that price.

You can manage your plan from your device at any time. Know more.


ICloud team

Below you can see all the adjustments:

  • 5GB: free;
  • 50GB: from R $ 2.90 to R $ 3.50;
  • 200GB: from R $ 8.90 to R $ 10.90;
  • 2TB: from R $ 29.90 to R $ 34.90

Despite being a bad thing, explainable due to the increase in the dollar in January, when prices were set in reais for the first time by Apple (before everything was charged in dollars), the commercial dollar was priced at BRL 3, 23. Today, it is worth about R $ 3.70, an increase of 14.5%. The downside here is that iCloud increases from 16% to 22%.

The prices of Apple Music, for now, have not yet been adjusted and remain exactly the same:

  • University subscription: R $ 8.50 per month
  • Individual subscription: R $ 16.90 per month
  • Family subscription: R $ 24.90 per month

We'll see when

required to all who sent us this tip!

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